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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do you take League and Individual Picture Days in addition to Action Photography?
A) YES! Although our Action photographers are seen at many High Profile events the truth is 50% of our business consists of doing traditional Pictures days for Private Clubs and Park And Recreation Leagues. Whether it's Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Lacrosse or … BEAR Sports is a full service sports photography solution. Please let us know if you are interested in integrating a picture day fundraiser for your league or club. Register your league

Q) Do you always set-up to print on-site at an event or tournament?
A) Although we set-up to print on-site at many events, we have found over the last few years many clients find the convenience of using our internet storefront an excellent alternative

Q) If you're selling the photos at the tournament, will they be available online as well?
A) Yes! Usually pictures are published to our Internet storefront within 24 hours of the event. Most of the time they are available later the evening of the event.

Q) How long will pictures be available for viewing and purchasing on the Website?
A) Most events are published for a limited amount of time. Because we have in excess of 100,000 pictures on line at any given time I'm sure you can appreciate that space is a premium. We would suggest you use the REMIND ME feature, which will automatically send you an email before the pictures are taken down.

Q) I want to order a photo from the website, though my child is a little small in the photo. Can you zoom in on him?
A) Yes. All photos are cropped when they are printed, to maximize the subject in the frame. If there is more than one athlete in the photo, please let us know which one we should feature. You can let us know by filling in the comments section at the end of the ordering process.

Q) I ordered a magazine cover, and it says to include the athlete's name, but I don't see any place to enter it. How can I tell you the name of the player?
A) Use the comments box that appears at the end of the ordering process. Please keep in mind that our magazine covers are fixed templates, and for this reason, only a name can be added. The headlines cannot change.

Q) When will I receive my order?
A) Most online orders ship within 5 business days of receipt of the order. (Take note orders paid by check are not filled until the check is received). If we photographed your child as part of a league/team and individual picture day, your order will usually be delivered within 4-6 weeks of the picture day.

Q) I looked at your Website and didn't see any shots of my child. Don't you shoot every person?
A) Our goal is to capture as many of the athletes as possible. Unfortunately, action sports photography is dependent on many variables, and we do sometimes miss athletes for various reasons. Sometimes the play of the game just wasn't near them, the photographer tried to photograph them and they were blocked, or possibly they weren't in the game while we were covering it. Tournaments are very busy events with a lot of teams to cover.

Q) Will you be photographing every game my child plays at the tournament?
A) While we can't shoot every game because of equipment, labor, and logistic constraints, every effort is made to make sure every team participating in the tournament is photographed at least once. Usually we obtain a master schedule from tournament organizers and create our own shooting schedule to insure as many different teams are photographed as possible.

Q) Can we request that you specifically photograph my child?
A) Yes... Stop by our trailer or tent and find out when we will be shooting your team. Let us know their number and uniform color and we will make every attempt to capture pictures of the athlete. Also, feel free to tap the photographer's shoulder while they are on the field. The camera person is easy to find. Usually they are in a blue shirt or jacket with a very large camera/lens.

Q): How do I place an order for the CD-portfolio product?
A): Step 1 Select one of the images you want on the CD-Portfolio and select the CD-Portfolio product ($60.00).
Step 2 Select the additional images one at a time and then select the CD-Portfolio additional image product ($.01) for each additional image. The CD-Portfolio includes up to a total of 6 images.

Q): What is the resolution of the images provided with the E-Image and CD-Portfolio products?
A): The images sent will be 1.6MB to 2.3MB Fine JPG format. This is the quality of image we use to make enlargements up to 20x30 inches. All images purchased are sold for personal use. BEAR Sports still retains all commercial rights to the images.

Q) I'd like you to come and shoot a special event: How much do you charge?
A) As with any professional, the answer to this question is subject to a few variables including location, travel, and time involved. Often a few interested parents partner to cover our minimum fees. We know people are interested in our services and we look to structure each of these opportunities as a WIN-WIN for the Parents, Players, and BEAR Sports. Give us a call at (800) 755-5657

Q) I am interested in calling BEAR Sports directly about a picture and am unsure how to identify the picture number?
A) A few simple steps:

    1. Identify the date and name of the event
    2. Identify the specific game, heat, round, strip…
    3. Review Thumbnails
    4. Select thumbnail you are interested in and enlarge.
    5. Write down the picture # to the right of the picture. (Example previous 50 of 142)
      (This indicates this is picture #50 in this game
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